A Magnetic Attraction

When guests return to their room, they discover a universe where everything is of a disconcerting ease.

Refueling in the mini-bar, lying in a king size bed, and controlling the lights, blinds, and temperature with a single gesture! Hoteliers create a personalized ambiance to ensure ultimate comfort for their guests.
But to create emotion, hoteliers rely on "attractive attributes" or "extras". Neither verbalized nor anticipated, these latent expectations capture astonished guests' imagination to register as an unforgettable memory.

SmartBatz or Transforming satisfaction into enchantment - SmartBatz' ultra-modern technology exceeds customer expectations, transforming the simple act of recharging a device into a multi-sensory experience. 

A scenario: Guests marvel at the combination of details...

Opening the door, guests discover an ultra-design, slick battery for their Smartphone.When they pick up the battery, they are surprised by its weightlessness in their palm. The featherweight of the SmartBatz contrasts with traditional batteries. This 1st revelation has guests weigh the SmartBatz several times to make sure the assumption is real. 

After connecting the SmartBatz, guests push a button to activate the charge on their Smartphone. At this precise moment, a light vibration indicates the delivery of a charge load twice as powerful as that of a classic charger - a brief pulse that accentuates the sensation of control.
The ultimate detail: the high tech touch. As guests lay the SmartBatz on its charging base, it attracts like a magnet. It escapes from their hands to land stealthily on the PowerBase as though it possessed a magnetic power - an impalpable force that envelops the SmartBatz with a mystery designed to seduce, captivate, charm... 

SmartBatz - An unexplained seduction. A quasi-magnetic attraction.