Brasserie d'Auteuil x SmartBatz

Like Coco Chanel's LBD, Brasserie d'Auteuil has perfectly orchestrated its signature - an imprint that infuses the high society of Paris’ 16th district with a digital perfume:

« SmartBatz - a sleek-design mobile charging solution. »

As brasseries have sought to differentiate themselves with a personal touch, SmartBatz has established itself as the innovative feature of legendary Brasserie d'Auteuil: « SmartBatz provides an added service: When customers enjoy lunch while charging their smartphone using a battery provided by the restaurant, they appreciate our quality and professionalism » explains Brasserie’s Director.

In the Brasserie, customers enjoy the serenity of an endless day. They are immune to everything, including the inconvenience of a faltering phone battery. "This provides a benchmark for customers. Here, they know they can fully charge their smartphone in 15 minutes."

This serenity may inspire customers to indulge in the Brasserie's infinitely cozy and intimate universe. "Wooden floors, terracotta, ceramics, tomettes, linen, and lava stone", indistinct pieces blend into the perfect decor for a sensory escape in the Tuscan countryside. Since acquiring SmartBatz, Brasserie d'Auteuil resembles an arcane presence combining mythical universe and cutting-edge technology. Away from the city hustle and bustle and wrapped in lush green vegetation, the Brasserie managed to express its futuristic avant-garde style stealthily.

« Everything is in the product finish: discreet, classy, sober, luxurious. It’s a wireless external battery with an unusual design.» concludes the Director. 

Although style may never be absolute, Brasserie d'Auteuil appears to have found its own: « An authentic charging style signed SmartBatz ».