L'Esplanade x SmartBatz

 Paul Éluard said: « I was born to know you, to name you, Freedom. »

But when one stands immobile next to an outlet, waiting indefinitely for their phone to recharge, it is difficult to feel the freedom of which the famous French poet speaks. All the more true at Café de l'Esplanade, where patrons delight in resolutely contemporary cuisine while browsing on their cell phone.

« Practical, easy, convenient, elegant »

SmartBatz, the wireless charging solution gives the freedom back to the customer: No need to choose between waiting for the phone and enjoying the moment.

« Customers are seduced by the SmartBatz concept: they can move autonomously battery in hand. In this way, they keep their phone by their side » explains Café de l'Esplanade's Director. This delicate attention perfectly suits the Café’s refined clientele. « Design, chic, refined » confides the director of the restaurant.

This statement ties in with SmartBatz's ambition to transform mobile recharge into an exhilarating experience. The customer appreciates connecting their smartphone to SmartBatz, which becomes an extension of their phone. Thus, they experience the comfort of home. SmartBatz also yields significant gain for restaurant owners: « Before SmartBatz, managing customer's mobile devices was much more complicated » explains the Director. It may be « detail » to some, but SmartBatz has made detail its priority.

Café de l'Esplanade describes its customer experience: « Like its patrons, Café de l'Esplanade exudes a discreet self-confidence. Sunglasses are de rigueur, regardless of season or time of day. The quintessence of this Parisian café - boasting a spectacular view of the Invalides in a quiet corner of the 7th arrondissement - carries its patrons on a journey through time ».

SmartBatz seamlessly includes mobile recharge in the journey, adding a little extra: the delight of newfound freedom.