GHPR x SmartBatz

Walking the streets of Paris, observing a vintage car’s intricate mechanics, sharing an artistic photo with friends… Everyday life provides numerous opportunities to capture our attention. At Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal, the customer delights in beautiful things. In this timelessly elegant "refined Paris cocoon", the view is mesmerizing as "some of its 68 rooms and suites open onto a balcony offering spectacular vistas Parisian landmarks".


Since Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal adopted SmartBatz - a sleek-designed wireless charging solution for smartphones - the guests are impressed by the view AND by her…SmartBatz, a designer battery that luxuriously, subtly and perfectly envelops any smartphone.
The magic operates precisely when technology becomes "the object of desire". When the object instinctively draws and retains one’s attention. It so happens when one places SmartBatz on its charging base, the PowerBase. Its innovative, patented magnetic mode attracts instantly, like a magnet.

"The aesthetic is so impressive that our guests ask where they can obtain one for themselves," says Alexandre, the head Concierge.

SmartBatz is an all-black white-labeled charging system designed to blend perfectly with the Grand Hôtel’s cozy, intimate atmosphere. It presents as an integrated service of this "human-sized Palace". 
"We needed a wireless, innovative, dynamic, and contemporary charging solution, which aligned with the establishment's philosophy," says Alexandre. Aiming to align its quality standards with the high-end requirements of the Grand Hôtel du Palais Royal, SmartBatz was able to respond to provide.

SmartBatz captures everyone's gaze. One cannot ignore it. Once one tries it, one can never leave it. SmartBatz provides hands-free comfort.