Trianon Palace Versailles x SmartBatz

The Perfect Match

In one of France finest's hotel "The sweetness of an encounter, the unexpected discovery, the pleasure of coincidence..."The essential often happens by chance, except at Trianon Palace Versailles, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

In one of France's finest hotels, every guest service is carefully considered: As we awake, we discover a « feast of senses » . By day, we marvel at « an array of luxury ». Come bedtime, we come to rest in legendary comfort.

A stone's throw from Château de Versailles, in the midst of a wooded park, the palace exceeds their guests' expectations. So much so that even before the idea even crosses your mind, the Trianon is already recharging your Smartphone:

« SmartBatz is a battery that allows guests to use their phone as it charges all the while enjoying their stay to the fullest » says Mr. Meillet. As soon as guests arrive at the hotel, they feel an irrepressible need to settle their battery level. Then suddenly, the perfect match materializes: a battery tailored to their desires. 

« Simple and easy to use, SmartBatz responds immediately to our guests' needs. It's precisely aimed at those with significant battery consumption, such as business women and men. »

The Trianon required more than a charger. It was seeking a 3-term equation encompassing infinity: « Innovative, Modern, Design ».

SmartBatz delivers this equation with pleasure combining aesthetics and intelligence - a unanimously acclaimed service of incredible accuracy. « They love it; they are extremely happy with it. They are elated to discover that SmartBatz is wireless! They wholeheartedly admit that they ignored this was ». Under the Paris sky, beautifully shaded by the peaceful Parc de Versailles emerges the Trianon.

Between Guerlain Spa and Michelin-starred cuisine, one immediately immerses in an idyllic decor. An emblematic hotel where one can unwind and appreciate the perfect combination of modernism and tradition, an astounding setting that leaves you breathless: SmartBatz is the much-awaited charger.