When design sublimates guest experience

When design sublimates guest experience in the hotel industry

Hoteliers today stage decorative elements to create an atmosphere that immerses the guest in the heart of narrative design.
An attention to design that amply exceeds simple decor to deliver a luxurious experience.
Raw materials, minimalist cubic bedside tables, sober decor of contrasting black and white... The latest trend is all about purity.
This trend carries over in the hotel universe as distinction between technology and luxury blurs: the high tech and hotel environments unite as connected objects exude aesthetic intent.
SmartBatz shares the same intention. The on-site charging service for the hospitality industry aims to enhance hotel decors.

Designed with delicate finishes, and pure symmetric lines, a battery called SmartBatz evokes a purist style in a "less is more" spirit.
Halfway between high tech and graphics, SmartBatz suggests a level of detail combining the best of both worlds.
Aesthetically pleasing and extremely light, the battery resembles a fashion accessory, adding a little chic and classic style to any smartphone - adding a luxurious dimension to the designer battery.
The luxury also translates in the SmartBatz color - black - exuding great elegance. Glowing with luminescent LEDs, SmartBatz looks as though it was designed to transport its user in a distant temporality, yet apparently so close to the future. The charger's design draws its inspiration from a resolutely futuristic world.
SmartBatz is imagined in transgression, combining fragile elegance and strong modernism.

Because there is a single step to become a techno luxury early-adopter and to provide a definitely trendy, seductive customer-centric experience.