About us

"We want to re-invent mobile phone charging. We want to make it an experience" - Marvin Hamou, CEO of SmartBatz

We created SmartBatz in New York, in 2012. It all started with a reflection on the true impact of new technologies in our everyday life. This fundamental thinking led us to one conclusion: battery life is a universal problem.
In this highly connected era, our phone's battery level dictates how our day flows. Sometimes, it hinders our freedom of movement and reduces our scope of actions.
Thinking through this problem led us to create a most efficient device to transform battery charging into a pleasurable experience.
We wanted a device that was convenient and aesthetically pleasing, light enough to carry anywhere, anytime. It also needed to be readily available and allow mobile phone charging in a click, at home or on the go.
This charging device would also be available in hotels, restaurants and businesses to elegantly meet the mobile charging requirements of customers.
With SmartBatz, we endeavor to create the largest worldwide network of batteries available on demand, in public and private places.
Our society views mobile phone charging as a limitation. We want to transform this limitation into an experience.

SmartBatz makes mobile phone charging an aesthetic and multisensory, pleasurable experience.