Frequently Asked Questions

How do I charge my device using my PowerBase ?
- Connect the PowerBase to a power outlet
- Place the batteries sideways and magnetically on the base to recharge them. Wait until the 4 blues leds are lit on each of the batteries.
- Pick up a battery and plug it into your smartphone.
- Press the button on the back of the battery on the lower part.

What devices are compatible with my PowerBase ?
PowerBase Lightning: Lightning batteries are compatible with Apple devices from iPhone 5 to iPhone X.
PowerBase USB: Micro-USB batteries are compatible with devices such as smartphones and tablets.

How to maintain my PowerBase clean. ?
Use a dry cloth to maintain your PowerBase and batteries clean. Never use a cleaning agent.

How do I know my PowerBase is charging the batteries ?
When plugged into a Power outlet, place your battery on the PowerBase. When the LEDs light up on the batteries, your PowerBase is charging and functioning. To check the status of your battery, press the button on the lower back side of the battery. LEDs will light up to indicate the status of the battery.

How do I recharge my PowerBase ?
Simply connect the PowerBase to a power outlet.

How do I charge a device using my PowersBase batteries?
Plug the connector into your smartphone. When plugged correctly, your mobile device will identify the battery and start charging automatically.

Are batteries compatible with cases ?
Batteries recharge most phones protected by soft cases. However, when plugging a battery into a smartphone protected by harder cases, make sure the connector fits properly into your mobile device to trigger the charge or remove the case to allow the charge.

What Does LED Status Light Indicate On My PowerBase and on the batteries ?
LEDs lights indicate the level of charge available on the battery.

Where can I purchase SmartBatz extra batteries and accessories?
For purchasing extra batteries, accessories and replacement parts, please call our Hotline on: +33170224721 or contact us by email:

Why does my Smartphone starts to get warm ?
This is due to the joule effect. The Joule effect is the thermal manifestation of the electrical resistance occurring when an electric current passes through any conductive material. Using a classic cabled charger, the heat usually remains at the end of your cable (plug side) diminishing the warming sensation of your smartphone. With Smartbatz, the Power is directly glued to your smartphone which can sometimes causes a light and risk-free warming sensation.