Time for Change

Free yourself from wires.
SmartBatz charges your Smartphone like no other technology. Discover a new experience, where charging is a pleasure.

Life should be without cables

Charge it full, charged it cordless.

A Wireless Dream

The world is in the palm of your hand, don't let it slip away. SmartBatz provides the power you need everywhere you go.

Faster & Smarter

Above expectations, the PinSpeed Technology charges your phone twice as fast as a regular charger and recognizes any smartphone. Stable and quick, charging experience has never been such a comfort.

Committed to Quality

SmartBatz is designed with the finest materials, ensuring a reliable and desirable experience. Battery safety is guaranteed through an extensive verification protocol.

Batz are made to last.

At Home

Enjoy SmartBatz at home, you’ll forget you used cables before.
Provide wireless freedom to family and friends. SmartBatz is a tree slots product to enhance external charging for everyone. You are, once and for all, unplugged from the wall.

And Away

Life is lighter with SmartBatz. Take it to work, the gym, your favorite restaurant, everywhere.
Forget about charging hassles and enjoy new peace of mind.

Break Standards

Enter a universe where elegance meets simplicity. 

The PowerBase is certified by Apple Inc.