Never run out of battery

Get rid of your old cables and discover the pleasure of the PowerBase.
SmartBatz has been created to offer you the best charging experience ever with premium quality devices.

Leave your cables

SmartBatz technology makes charging your phone a stylish and worry-free experience.

Charging anytime, everywhere

Battery has such power in our lives these days. The way we use it is undergoing a profound change. We have access to nearly everything in the world at our fingerprints, in our pocket.
Yet there needed to be a system where we can have access to energy everywhere, everytime. 

Fitting your daily moves

SmartBatz has been created to power your move, to perfectly suit your mobile lifestyle.
Harmoniously combining form and function, SmartBatz is designed for every smartphone.

Made for family & friends

The PowerBase is not a single device: it is a triple product.
3 batteries to enjoy wireless charging at home, away and for everyone. More battery, more options.


1% can change your life.
Explore a new world of possibilities, enjoy your full potential. Live charged up.

Unlimited Power for Unlimited Stories